Brewing loose leaf tea is no longer a task.
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Easy Brew Tea Maker


The Easy Tea Maker by Danta Herbs is an unconventional and unique tea pot that helps you infuse loose tea leaves in the water and pour it straight to your cup with it's in built fine mesh filter and a press-release valve feature. The unique press-release valve opens automatically when it is pressed up against the rim of your cup, thereby releasing the brewed tea straight into your cup.

Product Details

  • Dimension

    : 190 mm (L) X 108 mm (B) X 50 mm (H)

  • Material

    : BPA Free Plastic Tritan Material

  • Volume

    : 500 ml OR 17 oz

  • Color

    : Transparent with Black Lid

  • SKU

    : DA1

  • Note

    : Do not hold from the bottom when brewing hot tea.

How To Use

  • This convenient tea maker is an easy peasy one.
  • All you have to do is add the desired amount of your favorite loose leaf tea in the pot, let it brew while resting on top of the coaster.
  • When it's ready, simply place the Easy Tea Maker on your cup and tea is served.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I consume loose leaf tea?

    Loose leaf teas are the best for consumption as one is able to brew the leaves properly while also enjoying maximum benefits from the tea leaves. When steeped, loose leaf tea gives the complex flavours of tea that one can enjoy only in good quality teas. Also tea leaves need adequate space to properly unfurl while brewing. So, for a flavourful and wholesome tea experience use loose leaf tea.

  • How to determine the water temperature is right while making my tea?

    We recommend a certain temperature (80-85 C; 90-95 C) for the water to be boiled fresh at the time of brewing the tea. This is only a guide and precision without thermometer is challenging. You can simply boil and see for yourself. Boiling water is at 100 C, if you leave it for 30 sec it will be 90-95 C, if you leave it for 40-45 sec it will be 85-90 C, 1 minute will leave water at 80-85 C. It should not be overheated as that would burn the tea leaves.

  • How to prepare tea?

    Spoon measured quantity of tea in the tea maker/pot. Pour boiled water (180 ML) over the tea leaves. Steep for suggested time (2-3 minutes). Strain & sweeten as per choice. Pour it in a cup and enjoy the #PluckToCup experience.

  • How to store the teas?

    We vacuum package our tea in High Barrier Pouches to ensure freshness of the teas. We recommend that you store the teas in airtight containers in a cool and dry place. This keeps it away from moisture and odour. Thereby ensuring no alterations to the aroma and flavour of tea.

  • Does this blend contain natural ingredients?

    All our teas define a pure tea experience that is unadulterated. We use only 100% natural ingredients to blend our teas and no artificial flavours and enhancers are added to the tea.

  • Can this blend be brewed hot and cold?

    Yes, some blends can be brewed hot as well as cold depending on the tea. Please go through the product description to know further.

  • What is the shelf life of this tea?

    Our teas can be used from 18 to 24 months from the date of manufacturing. However, teas once opened have to be stored in airtight containers to keep it away from moisture, dirt and odour.

  • What are the health benefits of this tea?

    Tulsi Twins Green tea helps fight acne, balances hormones and lowers stress. It is a good source of Vitamin K and contains bioactive compounds that is good for health. It increases fat burning and improves brain activity.

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