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Prelude to Artisan Tea

We truly value the skill and craft that one self-acquires and hones to grow tea. A tea grower assumes on their own, the knowledge of tea cultivation and therefore the process is peculiar to each grower. It is an intimate affair. Just like artists- each artist works in a manner unique to them. There is labour of love required in both, one patiently sows the seed (thought) and reaps.

It is this soulful art that we carefully blend and package to reach you, carrying with it the fresh aroma of the gardens it belongs to. Each person involved is mindful of our aim to touch your heart and soul.

Welcome to Danta's Artisan Tea trove

A community of tea growers and tea lovers, we’ve come together to create a happy space that explores tea and it’s journey.
There is magic in the experience of tea, the stories it weaves,
the historical and cultural significance of this brew which transcends boundaries. We are as intrigued as you are by its
tales and tastes and embark on the exploration of this marvel called Tea.

Experience the allure of Artisan Tea

Tea refreshes a mind and rejuvenates a soul. There is so much that happens in a single sip. The beverage’s lustre that varies from light amber to pure gold, its aroma that plays across floral scents and citrusy sharpness, its taste that

hits low notes and peaks at highs, texture that blends from light, cloud-like softens to buttery mellowness and the flutey pouring of it into a cup - all work together to create a unique magic on the senses, that no other beverage can replicate.

Come away on a journey with Danta

Danta Herbs is housed at the foothills of Himalayas. It was
founded with the vision of providing rejuvenating calmness with
our single estate artisanal handcrafted teas.
We often found ourselves in the midst of breath-taking tea
estates, enjoying the wonder of nature and this became
nourishment for our enthusiastic souls. A collective purpose of Danta emerged when we grew conscious about creating handcrafted, artisanal, expertly curated, fair trade, organic and speciality single estate teas and blends for tea lovers around just like 

We value authenticity, purity and freshness. We are equally intrigued by how the right temperature, right time, and perfect blend come together to create a perfect brew. Danta Herbs wishes to explore this emotional and spiritual relationship and do our bit to enhance this beverage.

All our teas are handpicked and sourced DIRECTLY from premium tea estates around tea growing regions of INDIA and NEPAL. They are the crowning jewels of the best tea growing regions of the world. We believe in giving our consumers a unique tea tasting experience, ensuring the freshness of the beverage from the time it is plucked to the time it is poured in a cup.

Curating the perfect cup of Danta (ILLUSTRATION)

1. SELECTING THE FRESHEST TEA LEAVES- Only the freshest, highest quality and fragrant tea leaves are handpicked from
single estate gardens of India and Nepal.

2. MEASURED AGAINST STRICT QUALITY STANDARDS - The tea leaves procured from tea gardens are hand sorted and checked with
adherence to the highest quality by tea tasters. They are
checked for Taste, Appearance, color, aroma and any other

impurities - they are tasted multiple times to assure the best taste and also check for appearance, aroma and any impurities for the best experience.

3. HANDCRAFTING VARIOUS BLENDS - Delicately crafted blends are put together with careful precision using only RAW
ingredients, without any artificial or natural colouring
and flavours.

4. PACKAGING OF LEAVES - With extreme care and hygiene, the tea is cleaned , hand sorted & vacuum packed in high barrier
pouches which helps preserve leaves against moisture,
light,& oxygen preserving freshness and flavour for the
freshest experience.

5. PRESERVING IN COLD STORAGE - Vacuum packed tea pouches are immediately placed in cold storage at all times to maintain an even temperature and their premium quality. This increases their shelf life and preserves quality and tasteful.


Tea has been enjoyed as a beverage since centuries, having been passed down through generations and being such a big source of joy. Every leaf plucked and processed has a life of its own.
Each of our single estate artisanal teas has been sourced from tea gardens that have uniqueness in flavour and subtle tastes,
of the purest quality. This is what we endeavor to give you in every cup.



Our tea blends are a true tea connoisseurs’ delight. These blends are a coming together of innovative selections and inspirational tastes, and reflect our investment in pursuing only the finest quality teas and quality ingredients. Different processing methods are used to achieve an intricate layering of tastes and flavours, without compromising on the integrity of tea despite being influenced by culinary and global trends.


The People Behind Danta

Danta Herbs was founded with the single minded
purpose of taking authentic premium single-estate teas and tea blends to consumers across The globe keeping Freshness, quality, authenticity and transparency in mind.

Vishal Parik and Tripti Parik, the founders of Danta Herbs always envisioned showcasing tea and its authentic qualities to connoisseurs everywhere. While Tripti is a curious entrepreneur and an MBA by education, Vishal is a technology enthusiast and an engineer. Having grown up around the tea estates of Darjeeling and with their mutual love for tea, together they believe that just as tea is coming together of the right

qualities, so too their individual strengths that come together to create a philosophy underlining every product they retail. Their love for traveling, nature and calmness they experience can be found in every tea trove from Danta Herbs.