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Selection of teas that have been created bearing in mind the need for high caffeine in the morning hours. These teas are bold, high on caffeine and just what you need to get your day started.


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the tea. Breakfast teas are strong and bold , much needed to kickstart the day. The English used to consume black tea for breakfast that is a long standing tradition in the UK and now has become popular across the world.

There are different accounts of its origin, one leads it origin to Scotland while another to United States of America. Richard Davies, a British immigrant in USA and a tea merchant was believed to have blended this tea with a base of Congou and added a bit of Pekoe and Pouchong and popularised it as “English Breakfast Tea.” The other account from the UK entails that this tea was blended by Scotish tea master Drysdale, who recognised the need for a stronger brew - which he called the “eye-opener” and marketed it as “Breakfast Tea”. This was tasted and admired by Queen Victoria on her visit to Balmoral. She brought back some of the tea with her and renamed to “English Breakfast Tea.”

There are other variants of Breakfast Teas, Irish Breakfast teas, Scottish Breakfast Tea - all strong and bold blends of black tea and traditionally, had with a dash of milk. There are new entrants in this category with equally strong black tea blends.

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