Tea Refreshes are mind and rejuvenates our soul. Danta Herbs is your solution to buy loose leaf tea online. Our premium selection of authentic handcrafted teas from India and Nepal features a wide selection of pure single-origin teas and handcrafted fresh blends to suit different palates.

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Vaani Pardal

My Danta tea experience, took me back to my home country. Tea is such a big part of the Indian way. Growing up I have always had black tea, which is what I tried from Danta and it was very fresh and full of flavours. More exciting for me was the quick delivery of the tea all the way to U.S.A. Will surely order again.

Philadelphia, U.S.A

Gargi Pasari

I enjoyed my first cup of Danta brew with colleagues at work. It was a rather dull Monday, and Danta saved my day. I enjoy my tea breaks at work! I tried the black tea, which is my favourite kind of tea. Danta was a delight. I look forward to more delightful times with Danta.


Tanya Patel

I am a tea drinker. In describing my relationship with tea, I could go as far as to say that tea is a lifestyle. My experience with Danta has been a refreshing one. Having tasted most of the teas in the market, I sort of can differentiate between teas. I am no expert though, I am an enthusiast. I love Danta for two reasons- the tea is fresh and the unboxing experience is exciting – I learned a thing or two about tea through that box.


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