Green Tea


Rich in antioxidants and mildly oxidised. Green Tea’s provides for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience loaded with Health Benefits.

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Green tea is the least processed tea. It originated in China, and has recently become a world favourite owing to it’s health properties. This tea is among the least oxidised tea and is therefore vegetal. It is made from young tea leaves that are plucked towards the end of the harvest season.


Green teas are not graded like black teas. However, tea producers derive their own grading system depending on the style and the size of the finished leaf. Generally, green tea is freshly plucked and then the leaves are heated at a very high temperature for a fixed period of time, rolled and then dried. The method of heat-treating varies as per the techniques used, the teas are often twisted or folded variety. In India, green teas can be found in Darjeeling, West Bengal, Nilgiris. Green Teas from Darjeeling are grown in high altitude and therefore have a unique astringent flavour to them. Nilgiris green teas bear vegetal notes with a strong taste. You can even find blends of green tea with flowers, herbs and fruits like Mango, Jasmine, Mint, Tulsi, and Hibiscus Green tea. Loose leaf green tea has the most benefits of Green tea.

Fresh loose leaf green tea is the best for health enthusiasts across. The best green teas have high oxidants and are low in caffeine. It is rich in polyphenols that reduces inflammation and helps fight cancer. Catechins found in green tea are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. Green tea boosts metabolic rate and increases fat burning in the body.

Studies have also shown that catechin compounds in green tea have protective effects on neurons and can potentially help improve brain function in the short term.


When selecting a green tea, please look for high quality loose leaf teas. Green tea in tea bags often are mixed with dust and results in a burnt discomforting flavour. You can choose from sencha and matcha or the Indian variety loose leaf green tea.

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