The loose leaf rose tea has a distinct colour, owing to the vibrancy of rose flower. It is a natural stress buster and is very good for your skin. It is a perfect choice for an instant mood lift.

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Roses are perhaps the most talked about flowers. From poetry to prose, in romance and fiction, rose is the most written about flower. It is known as aesthetically beautiful and aromatic flowers used for decorative purposes. But there is more than just beauty in this flower. The medicinal properties of this flower are immense. It is for this reason that rose is used in preparation of many delicacies and beverages worldwide. In tea, it makes for a delightfully relaxing cup. Also known as rosebud tea or rose petal tea, rose tea is made from either dehydrated or fresh rose petals. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, malic acid, pectin, and citric acid, and makes a wonderful addition to your weight loss diet.There are two variants of rose used in tea - red rose and organic white rose.


Buy Rose Tea Online as it can be supremely beneficial for your skin. This is why you can spot so many skin care products made using rose petals, rose buds, and rose oil. Addition of rose tea in your diet can give you excellent results for your skin. It improves skin condition, soothes the skin and can give you flawless, glowing skin. There are more benefits to this floral beauty: boosts the immune system, treats a sore throat, improves digestive health, treats menstrual cramps, treats urinary tract infections, and is also a calming, relaxing tea.

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