Experience the sharpness of ajwain reminiscent of mother’s home cooking.


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Tea_Orange Tisane
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Tea_Orange Tea Tasting Experience


Tea that brings back memories of mother’s homemade food. This deliciously strong flavored 3-ingredient Digestive Mantra tea is like the confluence of three rivers, jostling with each other in taste, strong and spicy notes with floral rosemary bliss, dark in looks and strong in flavor. It is the perfect tea to settle your stomach.



The tea has a smooth hint of oregano and ajwain. It is an ayurvedic bliss for digestion. The taste is full bodied and a mouthful which finishes off with a smooth note and a light aftertaste.


Fresh and rich bursts of rosemary are interspersed with hints of other fragrances.


Warm amber

dry leaves

mix of olive green leaves with a hint of Italian seasoning and ayurvedic smell Infused leaf: Olive green leaves with a mixture of oregano, rosemary and touch of ajwain

Infused leaf

The leaves bear a refreshing floral aroma of rose and lavender with a mix of sweet chamomile along with citrusy notes. The appearance of the blend is a treat for the eye with a mix of chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, rose and marigold.


Ajwain, Oregano, Rosemary

add ons





Caffeine Free


Can be enjoyed on its own, Fresh fruits, Light Salads

Tea_Orange Brewing Notes

150 ml



90-100 °C

194-212 °F


2 g

0.07 oz

Tea leaves Quantity

4-5 min

240-300 sec




sku :


time of day :

Anytime of the day


  • To enjoy the best experience, Rinse the teapot with warm water to maintain the best temperature for the brew.
  • It is recommended to first clean the tea leaves of dust and particles by steeping it in slightly warm water for no more than 10 to 15 seconds, thereafter discarding the rinse water.

Tea_Orange Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is tisane/herbal tea?

    Tisanes are medicinal and herbal blends that are made without tea leaves (camellia sinensis). It adds to the nutritional benefits of the raw ingredients used in the blend. The ingredients used are often flowers, herbs, and spices. Each tisane differs in aroma, colour and flavour owing to the ingredients and proportion of ingredients used.

  • How to determine the water temperature is right while making my tea?

    We recommend a certain temperature (80-85 C; 90-95 C) for the fresh o2 rich filtered water to be boiled at the time of brewing the tea. This is only a guide and precision without a thermometer is challenging. You can simply boil and see for yourself. Boiling water is at 100 C, if you leave it for 30 sec it should be around 90-95 C, if you leave it for 40-45 sec it should be around 85-90 C and for 1 minute leave water at around 80-85 C.

  • How to prepare Tisane/Herbal tea?

    Spoon measured the quantity of tea in the tea maker/pot. Pour boiled water (150 ML) over the tea leaves. Steep for suggested time (4-5 minutes). Strain and sweeten as per choice. Pour it in a cup and enjoy the #PluckToCup experience.

  • How to store the tea?

    We vacuum package our tea in High Barrier Aluminium Pouches to ensure freshness of the teas. We recommend that you store the teas in airtight container in a cool, dry and odour free place. This keeps it away from air, light and surrounding odour. Thereby ensuring longer shelf life and quality experience of the tea.

  • Does this tisane/herbal tea contain natural ingredients?

    All our teas define pure tea experience that is unadulterated. We use only natural ingredients to blend our teas and no artificial flavours and enhancers are added to the tea.

  • Is tisane/herbal caffeine free?

    Yes, tisanes are herbal teas and contain no tea leaves. Therefore, it contains only herbs, fruits, flowers and spices. Thus making it naturally caffeine free.

  • Can tisanes/herbal be brewed hot and cold?

    Yes, these can be brewed hot as well as cold depending on the tea. Please go through the product description to know further.

  • What is the shelf life of this tea?

    Our teas can be used from 18 to 24 months from the date of manufacturing. However, teas once opened have to be stored in airtight containers and should be kept away from moisture, light and odour.

  • What are the health benefits ?

    This herbal tea helps in digestion and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It is rich in antioxidants and combats peptic ulcers and is good for gut health. It stimulates hair growth and enhances concentration.

Digestive Mantra Herbal Tea

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