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Nestling in the foothills of the snow-covered Himalayan range, Darjeeling grows one of the world's most exclusive teas. A cup of Darjeeling is golden or amber in colour and has a unique, delicate flavour that is referred to as "muscatel," or, having the flavour of muscatel grapes. The Darjeeling first flush teas are a world-renowned variety of tea. Some of the popular tea gardens from this region are Goomtee Tea Estate, Giddapahar Tea Estate and Jungapana Tea Estate.

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Darjeeling is one of the most popular region of tea cultivation in the world. Located in the eastern part of India, this region produces the much revered tea also known as Champagne of Tea. This is the region that can be attributed to make Indian teas popular worldwide. Tea was introduced to India by Arthur Campbell in 1841 and by 1846, the Darjeeling tea company came up.


Our Premium Darjeeling Tea gained popularity in the west and through the efforts of the East India Company, India has some of the best tea growing tea regions in the world. Experts from China were brought over to India to teach the British and locals how to harvest and produce the beverage. By 1823, Assam and Darjeeling regions of India were producing large quantities of tea. Tea estates were built and soon tea plants dominated the rolling hillsides. In India, a new variety of tea developed- CTC, today’s famous Indian Chai Tea. India has a thriving tea culture with 90% of the population being tea drinkers. We at Danta Herbs brings you fresh leaves for your magical brew from the tea estates in Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Assam, Kangra, North east and Nepal.


Darjeeling harvest seasons are - Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The tea harvested in these different seasons differ from each other in taste and texture. The spring harvest or first flush is the most admired variety because of its complex and unique flavour. It is processed for a lesser time and has a floral and fruity taste. This is when the tea plants have rested during the period of winter and the days start to become longer and warmer. Much like its growth, first flush tea tastes like warm sunlight- bright, light and fresh. Summer, the peak harvest season in Darjeeling and Assam comes right after spring and lasts until mid-June. It is marked by vigorous growth in the tea plant. The spurts of rain experienced at this time bring much needed nourishment to the tea plant. The tea is darker than the first flush and the tea is not robust owing to excessive water absorption. It is during this season, speciality tea muscatels heralded as the ‘champagne’ of teas, is produced. The name comes from muscat grapes, flavours found in these teas. The tea produced in the last harvest season, Autumn has a more musky quality to it.


Jungpana Tea Estate, Goomtee Tea Estate, Margeret’s Hope Tea Estate, Thurbo Tea Estate, Castleton Tea Estate, Gopaldhara Tea Estate, Rohini Tea Estate, Selim Tea Estate, Giddapahar Tea Estate.

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