Black tea is the most conventional tea consumed throughout the world - some prefer it with a dash of lime or honey while others enjoy the bold liquor of the black loose leaf tea. While the health benefits of the loose leaf black tea are immense on their own, when blended with herbs, flowers and fruits (like our orange flavoured black tea) - it further adds to the goodness of the tea. Below listed are 5 health benefits of this classic loose leaf black tea.   

1. Black tea reduces the risk of heart problems

People who drink loose leaf black tea have lower chances of contracting cardiovascular conditions, including even heart attack. Black tea essentially cuts down the levels of bad cholesterol in the body that is the main factor responsible for heart strokes) and blood sugar. It further helps in faster recovery from a heart attack.

2. Black tea helps fight diarrhoea
When suffering from the gut problem of diarrhoea, be sure to sip plain loose leaf black tea for maximum results in easing your condition. The astringent tannins that are found in black tea reduce the inflammation in the gut and the hot water from the tea will rehydrate your muscles.

3. Black tea is good for Asthmatic Patients
The biggest factor that contributes to the suffering of an asthmatic patient is the presence of allergens in the air passage that irritates the passage and causes for its contract. When the patient regularly sips on loose leaf black tea - the caffeine found in this tea expands the air passage thereby easing breathing. Caffeine is similar to theophylline, which is a drug used to treat asthmatic and bronchitis patients.

4. Black tea prevents tooth decay and oral cancer
Studies have suggested that regular consumption of loose leaf black tea reduces the chances of periodontal disease. This condition is a bacterial infection that damages the gums and bones supporting the teeth. Black tea contains polyphenols and tannins that inhibit bacterial growth and oral infections, including dental cavities.

5. Black tea relaxes and rejuvenates you
Some research has proven that the L-theanine found in black tea enhances mental clarity, provides relaxation and tranquillity and even stirs a sense of pleasure in the body. To add further to the benefits of L-theanine, it even reduces the cortisol response to exercise to aid in bodybuilding.

There are several other benefits to this cup of tea from anti-ageing properties to boosting immunity to even helping cancer patients heal and prevent cancer. It heals body, gut, skin, mind, virtually every part of one's body can benefit from regular consumption of black loose leaf tea.