Green tea

While this tea is a favorite one amongst all the tea drinkers, green tea has been proven to have various medicinal properties which are a treat for your body. Also, as per some recent research, green tea has been known for various health benefits. Talking about the benefits this tea is great in helping to improve your cognitive functioning and also is said to improve working memory

Oolong Tea

Make sure your fitness is in check with oolong tea. This tea is a great traditional Chinese tea. This type of tea works great for reducing the insulin and blood sugar level which is a great benefit for people with type 2 diabetes.

Black Tea

Black tea is amongst the most oxidized tea as compared to other teas like green and oolong. Along with that, it has a great strong flavor. This variation of tea has a different group of antioxidants that are known as flavonoids which are considered to be beneficial for maintaining heart health.

White Tea

White tea belongs to that variety of tea which contains lower caffeine and has an amazing delicate flavor in it. White tea is beneficial in boosting the immune system and lowering common problems of cholesterol, blood pressure.

Iced Tea

Looking for a refreshing and beneficial beverage option then Iced tea is perfect in getting you a refreshing feel with every sip. Not only that with every refreshing sip you get health benefits that boost your immunity system and become surprisingly a source of manganese.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a combination of various flowers, herbs, and roots. It brings great benefits to overall body health. If you are amongst those who suffer from cold very frequently then this tea is for you. This tea reduces inflammation and improves digestion.
These were some different types of teas that help in improving health and also act as a cure for various common diseases. Thus, make sure you have developed a taste for tea after going through the above tea benefits. Make sure you make healthy daily life choices that help your body to get relaxation by choosing the right kind of tea for yourself. You can now buy various teas varieties easily from Danta Herbs. We have all the range available for you. The best part is you can mix a variety of teas and enjoy the benefits. Buying tea from a trusted source helps the body to get the best benefits of the tea.