There is a tea for everyone. Whether your palette likes a dark and strong brew or a mild and fruity brew or anything in between or around these tastes – there is something for you. Much like a piece of jewellery, shoe, or even couture. Yes, that’s right! Your cup should be best suited to your personality. You must be wondering the possibilities of the range that tea can bring to your table. One can find some assurance in the necessity of a tea party culture, when so many teas exist. It definitely calls for a party. Understanding the various kinds of teas will  help you plan your tea party. Read on and make notes, you will find one person in your life who is likely to drink  from these varieties of tea.

Black Tea:

Finds it origin in China under some very accidental circumstances.- it all started while a passing army took shelter in the tea factory and the production of tea leaves was put on a halt. The leaves were left outside under the sun for a longer time and got oxidized, causing a new flavor of tea to originate. However, the term ‘black’ comes from its dark colour which it owes it complete oxidation. 

Who is it for – Someone who enjoys a strong, bold and astringent flavours. This person’s idea of

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a cup of tea is largely to do with copious amounts of caffeine to give them a head start.

Green Tea:

The earliest documentation of the tea comes from China, where it all started from buying the tea from regions of Wuyang to prepare tea for guests. Although, the botanical evidence says that India and China were among the first two countries to start the tea cultivation.

Who is it for- Someone who is medium bodied and vegetal flavours. This person is looking for a soothing cup of tea that has added health benefits to stabilize your body energy.

Oolong Tea:

A tea grower, on this way back, was distracted by a deer and that day he forgot to process the leaves.

It has got naturally oxidized and the resultant tea was similar to black tea but without the bitterness.

Who is it for- Someone who prefers a good bodied tea with subtle astringency. This person likes a cup to accompany their long conversations or a book read.

White Tea:

White is considered to be China’s earliest form of tea and its roots come from a traditional tea ceremony in Imperial China.

It was during the Qing dynasty that the first ever white tea was brewed from young buds of the tea plants that later spread across the Fujian province

Who is it for-  Someone who enjoys subtle flavours and mild aroma. This person is often found meditating while the world is going crazy.

Chai Tea:

CTC (Crush, tear and curl)  or popularly called chai tea. It is called CTC because of their process of production in which black tea leaves are run through several cylindrical  rollers that have sharp teeths. Hence crush, tear and curl.

Traditionally, they are had with a mix of spices, milk and a sweetner.

Who is it for-  Someone who enjoys bold, brisk flavours with spicy, strong aroma. This person is traditional in their quest for a cup of tea.

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These teas are blended with herbs, flowers, and fruits to add some hints of flavours and aromas and even add to the health benefits of tea.

Who is it for-  Someone who enjoys a combination of flavours and likes to have many options to choose from.

Iced Tea:

These are teas that are blended with flowers and fruits and sometimes even herbs and are served cold.

Who is it for-  Someone who enjoys wants more than a cup of tea, prefers it in a glass.

Their idea of tea is different from others.  This person is not easily satisfied.


Tisanes are popularly called herbal teas. These have a very vast and popular variety.

Who is it for-  Someone who loves the idea of tea minus caffeine or is looking for teas that are all about the goodness of the brew for healthy lifestyle.