In any discipline or field, there are generally two categories of people- generalists and specialists.

But, both these categories of people can sometimes make the mistake of believing in what people around them are saying.

The same applies to the tea world. We believe what we hear from others and we don’t care to question.

“My friend has been drinking herbal tea and it gave her amazing weight loss results. So, I should drink it too?”


Herbal Tea is made up of natural herbs, so it has to be safe?”

We hardly care to research about the product and do the same health or lifestyle mistakes that people around us have been doing.

Herbal Tea is one such tea type that is associated with many such common mistakes and myths.

So, here are the top 5 Herbal Tea mistakes that you should stop making:



Since herbal tea boasts of health benefits, we often consider it safe and sometimes beneficial to consume large quantities of herbal tea. But, excessive consumption can prove to be detrimental to your health.


Well, that’s because herbal tea is made up of different plants, some which are extremely beneficial, some which are beneficial but should be taken in small doses- Lobelia, Comfrey, Licorice to name a few and some that can give allergic reactions like breathlessness, chest pain, or swelling

Also, before buying your herbal tea, look for instructions on how long you should brew it because that also decides how much you should drink.

If you are making your herbal tea out of premium loose tea leaves, it should be brewed less and you can think of having your cup of herbal tea more number of times but if you are brewing it for long which means you are supplying more herbs to your tea at one go, in that case, you should consider lowering the number of cups.


Herbal Tea is made up of a range of herbs like, ginger, ginseng, rhubarb, senna, green tea extract, Goji Berry, and many more, which in some way or the other contribute towards long-term health and well-being.

It has especially gained a lot of eyeballs among people who want to reduce their weight but is it a big no-no for skinny people?

Absolutely not!

It can be quite possible for a skinny person to switch to herbal tea, just to reduce the caffeine intake or to remove the harmful toxins from the body.

And, herbal tea is the best way to achieve that as it does the magic without any strong prescription medicines.

Because what is essential to understand is not how you lose or gain weight but how a type of tea is boosting your long term health and well-being.

In that case, skinny people too have the luxury to choose long term health before anything else.


While drinking Herbal tea, pregnant mothers should consider two important things:

  • Dose/Amount to be consumed
  • Side Effects associated with the plant

Herbal tea curbs caffeine intake during pregnancy but putting a limit to your consumption or consulting your doctor for the recommended doses is crucial.

Consumption of large quantities can severely affect your gastric acids and harm the fetus.

Also, drinking Herbal tea made up of sage or parsley can be harmful to your baby’s development and can cause miscarriage.

Certain types of Herbal tea have also shown proven results in the circulation problems in babies.

If you cannot get over the craving, you can limit your herbal tea to a maximum of one cup a day.


A lot of people complain about having a cup of Herbal tea without adding any sugar to it.

And, many people can’t drink that just for the sake of getting healthier.  So, they do the mistake of adding sugar to the herbal tea.

But, why is sugar not the preferable option?

That’s because, the basic purpose of herbal tea is to balance out the effects of sugar on your health, which otherwise could have caused a whole host of problems.

There are also few people, who drink their herbal tea without adding any sugar or sweetener to it and that’s the preferred way to do it.

But if you don’t like it tasteless, don’t do the mistake of adding sugar instead you can substitute that with honey.

Honey has a lot of medicinal properties as well:

  • It’s good for your brain activity
  • It prevents the seasonal cough
  • It prevents a sore throat when added with ginger to herbal tea
  • It has also antibacterial and antifungal properties

Honey is a perfect substitute as it solves the problem of both having a cup of tasteless herbal tea and giving an additional boost to positive health effects.



This is a mistake that should be avoided by people, who are taking herbal tea to reduce weight.

Milk can nullify the effects of the medicinal compounds present in your herbal tea.

Also since milk is rich in nutrients, it doesn’t make sense to add it with herbal tea. It will only make you gain weight.