Tea is the solution to a lot of health problems you may be encountering.  How to set things right for your body and undo all the wrong done to it? For starters, have a cuppa to sit back and relax and let this post enlighten you.

Black Tea:

The powerful antioxidants like Catechin and flavonoids help in preventing cancer

The various vitamins and amino acids prevent bone deformity in knee and foot

The fluoride and tannins prevent plaque formation and results in healthier teeth and gums

Loads of antioxidants especially thearubigin and theaflavin help in proper cardiac functioning and keep the heart healthy

Tannins help in providing stronger immune responses against viral diseases like influenza and hepatitis

Green tea

The no. of antioxidants boosts the immune system of the body and improve health

The medicinal properties also include improved heart health and controlled bleeding

It regulates blood sugar level and slows down the effects of Alzheimer’s disease

It fastens the metabolism of the body and helps in burning body fat

It prevents all forms of possible cancer- Breast, Ovarian cancer, Lung, Pancreatic, Prostate, Skin, and Stomach

Oolong Tea

The antioxidant properties of the tea help in controlling blood sugar levels

It helps in speeding up metabolism and reducing fat especially in areas with fat deposits like stomach

It helps in curing ulcer problems by reducing the inflammation of broken food particles

Its antibacterial properties cause faster digestion


The high amount of antioxidants that are present in White Tea delays aging and reduces chronic inflammation

More than 3 cups of White Tea a day reduces heart diseases by 21%

The Catechins present in the tea prevents new fats to form and hence cuts down the body fat

The medicinal compounds of tea are highly effective in curing colon cancer